The Shadow of Hastings: Tales of Anglo-Saxons after the Conquest

In the beautiful and historic setting of St Nicholas Priory, we will create a visual representation of the struggles of the Anglo-Saxons after 1066, including the Siege of Exeter in 1068, the Harrying of the North and the eventual exile some of the Anglo-Saxons chose in preference to submitting to William the Conqueror. These events set the scene for the ‘Quest for New England’ trilogy, by South Devon historical fiction author, Anna Chant, which follows a group of Anglo-Saxon exiles in their search for a new home. Suitable for all ages, this hands-on activity will involve the participants as we tell the stories of the rebels and exiles in a visual form. The author will be present to answer your questions and chat about the history and how it influences her work.

Anna Chant is a South Devon author of historical fiction novels set across medieval Europe. Her work includes the ‘Women of the Dark Ages’ series as well as ‘Quest for New England’.


Nov 10 2019


13:30 - 15:00