Clarke Andrews Tempest

Marooned on the island once inhabited by Propsero, washed up silent film star Clarke Andrews, played by Charlie Coldfield (Humbug!, The Magnificent Mysto) finds himself enchanted by the residual magic of events long forgotten.  But he is not alone…  Watched over by the spirit Ariel, Clarke’s memories, dreams, hopes and fears are revealed as Shakespeare’s last play unfolds.  Clarke Andrews Tempest features songs written and performed by Jim Causley and projections created by Benjamin Borley with score from The Dalwood Rocket. Directed by Polly Agg Manning.

‘Clarke Andrews Tempest is a thing of beauty, ingenuity and complexity. No rough magic in this piece, it’s hypnotic and smooth as silk.’  Anna Marks, Remotegoat.

Performing July 23-25th – Tickets available to book now!


Jul 23 2019





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